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    YES YES and YES! It should be! People nowadays REALLY need it! Look at the coming generation of youth, almost no one of them knows a fact of what they are following. They're simply blind following their faith.

    And..hey, by Mandatory, we're talking like..Mandatory to it's followers right? If not, then yeah..noway in hell it should be.
    You can't force religious education to a non-religious person could you?

    We need the kind of system that will encourage religious people to explore more of their faith and know how to defend it. Right now, many religions are victims to the media. Basically because the media portrays the ignorant youths of the community....which are probably too common. In order for religion to display it's true potentials, its members need to contribute in that path..and so, we need mandatory education.

    If you simply don't want to study about your own faith, or don't even know a thing about it....then why are you claiming yourself to be of that faith? Just leave so that we can keep a better reputation.

    It's not a matter of which belief is right or wrong, it's simply about the correct portrayal and dedicated members.

    I always give the same example to my friends--- back in the days when I traveled to K.S.A (don't ask...). On my first trip there, I expected to be surrounded by very aggressive and intolerant killers, that's how the West (ignorantly) describe the Muslims. I fell for that description and was kinda worried. I go there and I was in shock. Seriously?! What were people warning us about? Those people were deeply in touch with their faith, they do stuff that proves their identity as Muslims. Trust me when I tell you, they are actually very kind and open-hearted humans. They're extremely religious such that they NEVER forget signs of their God for a day. Heck, an hour actually..or less! Every time you hear them make these Arabic statements that are actually phrases god related,such as "God Almighty" or "In the name of God" or "God bless your soul". Its probably a habit..but it's a good habit, rather than the people who would drop F-Bombs on the smallest incidents.

    When you see what I saw, you'll know what I mean when I say "people REALLY need to know more of what they're following". A secular world...isn't as perfect as we think really, we need the blend of both.
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