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Originally Posted by Livewire View Post
No no no. If you want to take those type of classes then be my guest. Being forced to is A, unconstitutional, B, theocratic, and C, pretty much entirely incompatible with how the American public education system works. No way in hell should it be mandatory.
Just to clarify what the British RE system is like, because your reaction seems rather OTT.

In Britain Religious Education aims to help understand the route of both modern day religions and ancient day societies, at the moment it is often called "Religion and Philosophy".

You learn things such as, but not limited to:
  • Creation stories of multiple religions; in my class we studied Christianity, Islam and Hindu.
  • History of Religion; who founded what, how things have changed.
  • Religious festivals; Christmas, Ramadam, Diwali.
  • Religious traditions; clothing, worship, pilgrimage.
  • Religion vs Science; mostly the 'philosophy' side, taking about what the 'main opinion' of different religious groups is towards things like Abortion.

As an Atheist it did nothing but confirm that I do not believe in a God, however that doesn't make the stories in the Bible (or Qu'ran) any less interesting. Also, like Bluerang said, I think it does contribute to a deeper understanding in the current generation. The UK has a very multicultural population, although the older generation are still quite racist the younger people are 99% indifferent to race.

EDIT:// Religious Eduction in the UK is not about teaching people how to be good Christian, it does not involve reading the Bible - you read a diverse array of Religious literature from numerous times/locations/races. It aims to teach EVERYONE something about ALL religions in society.
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