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Originally Posted by C Payne View Post
Voltorb Flip is actually pretty easy to get the hang of and a little addicting if you do it enough.

Yeah, there's a slim chance that we'll see slots and the roulette back (), but they'll probably just add in some new minigame. They should bring back those fun little minigames from Mossdeep/Two Island(?) in FrLg though(multiplayer included) with the usual single playered risk ones, or some new ones all together. As long as there's a variety of minigames, it should still be fun. Then maybe we wouldn't really need to buy coins(as nice as it would be).
Voltorb Flip is actually very hard IMO. Especially since I royally suck at Minesweeper. Hopefully if they remake R/S, make the new "Gambling" actually EASY!