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    Candice Greyson

    I have to learn to keep my cool. I'm not ever like this. Usually I try to keep my cool and go with the flow...I should do that. This insanity is getting the best of me. Oh dear god, I wish I could just swallow my emotions and let them go. That reminds me of a Mountain Dew actually. The two mountain dew packs are going to take up space, so might as well see if I can somehow combine them...

    Taking out the wallet, I glance inside quickly. Snatching the two pink cards with mountain dew was easy now, unlike before where I went so slow. Guess practice made perfect. Ignoring my thinking, I managed to take out one of the mountain dew packs from inside. Throwing the pink card inside the wallet, the other one that still had it's own pack was still on my hand. Without hesitating, I gently slap the card against the mountain dew pack. Just like magic, the real mountain dew pack disappeared. Only there was one difference: beside the picture showed x2. 'It obviously means I have two of those in there. Sweet,' I thought to myself, placing the card back inside and letting the wallet disappear into the cerise charm again.

    Okay, now I had two extra cards instead of one. I sure do know how to save space, don't I? Glad to know my intelligence was finally put to use in something so serious. Oh wait, I was being pestered.

    -- archaicMiracle began pestering paintSplatter --
    AM: Nah, it's fine...
    AM: I gotta keep my cool here...
    AM: although I'm not going to lie...
    AM: I think I might believe in magic.
    AM: But besides that, thanks for being here.
    AM: And such a good friend.
    AM: To return the gratitude, I will teach you the ways of skateboarding
    AM: It's a bit....dirty, but it's fun.
    AM: Anyway, that isn't the point.
    AM: Vinnie destroyed my bathroom, so I slipped and got water soaked over me.
    AM: As clumsy as that makes me sound.
    AM: But it's going to be fixed soon.

    The fact she responded back made me feel a bit...loved? Nah, more like she's a good friend. It's funny how she doesn't sound different, unlike me who's going insane over magic and things. When ever a situation is dire, I swear she's more calm than me sometimes. More like a miracle I haven't blurted out non sense...but then again, we both do a good job of hiding emotions, so who knows what she's dealing with. If only I could somehow be a better friend...

    AM: Look um, I have an idea about the bathroom...
    AM: Maybe if you build a wall around the broken toilet and fridge and pillows
    AM: And then delete a wall that leads to the outside
    AM: The bathroom wouldn't be filled with water.
    AM: You don't have to do it...just an idea I had.
    AM: Maybe you have a better one.

    BV: No, I really don't.
    BV: hence the fridge and cushions.
    BV: I'll try to build that wall
    BV: Is there anything else I'm suppossed to deploy?
    BV: Well, I see a card, so ill send it over regardless.
    BV: Okay hold on a sec.

    The fact he agreed pleased me. No wonder Vieve likes him...while slapping away these thoughts, the worry for the bathroom still lingered. It was weird, being in such a situation like this. My eyes dart around the room, looking for the card Vinnie was going to send. After a few seconds, I caught sight of a red card with...holes in it? It reminded me of the pink cards, but something about it wasn't the same. It gave off a strange vibe. To my curiosity, I forced myself to get off my lazy behind. I took out another pink card as I walked towards the strange card. This must be the pre punched card. Maybe it can be captchalogued? There's always a first in everything, right?

    My left hand grabs the pre punched card. It was so beautiful and...not boring! In fact, so oddly different than anything I have seen before that I spend a long minute just staring at it. Being the one who spaces out a lot, it took me a few minutes until I realized I was just staring at nothing in particular. Shaking my head, I slam the empty pink card against the pre punched card. Suddenly, the red card disappears from view. Guess it can be captchalogued then? How nice is that. A question then pops into my head...can I store huge items? Then again, I couldn't store the devices, and they were huge, so maybe not.

    Not wanting to find out, I slide the card back inside. As the wallet turned back into the charm, I sat down on my metal chair. It was the first time in ages that I felt it cold.

    "The chair is cold...feels so nice," I mumbled, liking the cold feeling. Not that I was emo or anything, but I just prefer cold over hot, and ice over fire. You know, the usual about a girl like me. It wasn't long until I was pestered again.

    BV: Hey! I fixed the toilet thing!
    BV: Oh, and im gonna smash the cruxtruder
    BV: velocirapter told me to.
    BV: seems legit
    BV: oh, and don't look at the ground when I do
    BV: you dont wanna see it

    He fixed the toilet problem? What a relief, my worries just dwindled. If only I knew where my dad went...but of course, I had bigger things to attend to at the Veloci. "So it seems Veloci talked a bit to Vinnie..." I start to say to myself. If Veloci told him to smash the cruxtruder, as weird as thats sounds, I trust the guy. He hasn't been wrong so far, so I have to see what happens from there. Can't be anything too weird...but what IS normal about this game? Hehe, nothing. Can't wait to see what will happen once he does smash the strange device.

    "Yes, I would say the same about legit," I agreed, turning around and waiting for the magic to happen. Not that I still expect it to be magic, since Vieve and Vinnie would think I was going nuts...but I already was, so I didn't want to make myself worse. Wouldn't want to scare both Vinnie and Vieve again, would I? Then again, if it was Halloween, it would be perfect, but it's a bummer it isn't Halloween. One thing bothered me out of all though. "don't look at the ground when I do, you don't wanna see it." What did he mean by that? I always looked at the ground...unless...he was being sarcastic? Maybe he meant the sky? He did like to play mind tricks with me sometimes. Besides, I rarely even look outside my window unless I really had to. The window was too far away from where I am. Oh yes, I am that lazy. What ever that meant, I simply wait on my chair.

    Suddenly, I see my living room couch floating in the air. 'The couch?! I guess he wasn't joking when he wanted to smash the thing.' Vinnie then sent the couch slamming into the machine, hitting the lid...