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Liberty Forest/Sovereign Rainforest Border

Zane silently watched as his brother Defender continued his descent into apparent madness. Zane however, didn't think he was insane, just in a tremendous amount of pain. For all their prowess in combat, it is often easily forgot that many of them weren't very seasoned. Both Lyn and Guardia were only 17 years old. Speculum was only 14. Besides, Hanso, who was now the oldest since Dark Lightning past, most of the others, including Zane, were in their 20s. Of course, age among the Gold Tribe is not often a setback. 100 years ago, Lyn's grandfather won a war against the Order of Neoverse, and he was only 18 at the time. Still, even the most hardened warriors could experience a breakdown. Defender's entire plan was collapsed before his very eyes, and while Ragnaros was getting angry at him, Zane was feeling sorry for him.

What happened next was bound to be expected, but Zane and the others decided not to do anything about it, as Ragnaros swung his tail, and knocked out Defender.

"He does!" Ragnaros said angrily in response to TrueStriker's previous question of who else needed healing.

"Maybe it's best he does get some rest." Calamity said as he walked up beside Zane. "Arceus knows we all need it."

He looked up Defender's body once more, still in deep sorrow over the day's events. If things would continue as they did, Zane might not have just lost one brother, but two.

"Right." Zane finally said. "Let's head over to Hoodhide's village. It shouldn't be too far from here. We'll rest there for the night, and figure out what we'll do tomorrow morning."

The rest of the Gold Tribe began preparing to move. Zane checked around on them momentarily, to see if any of them were severely wounded. He would imagine they would not speak up about it before perhaps because of pride. Although quite a few were bruised up a bit, none seemed to be incapable of walking. Sword and Shield picked up Defender's body, and carried him. The rest began to walk over through the familiar sight of the rainforest. Thankfully, TrueStriker teleported them to a reasonably close location to the village. Which reminded Zane, TrueStriker actually did quite a bit recently, including making multiple trips across the entire country, just to get them all out. He even went back into the ambush site multiple times, and the Thieves Village. Before forgetting, Zane walked over to Hanso.

"I've got to thank you for what you've done. I know you must be exhausted from all those teleportations. But I wanted you to know that we all owe you quite a bit. We wouldn't have all made it out without you."

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