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Fate? No Fate? Ah, Whatever

Ki gave Entei a rather quiet glance. He wasn't really sure what he was to say in response to that, though he had no disagreements. Heglanced back at the tent suddenly, pausing a moment in silence. He turned but stopped to look back at Entei. I'm needed back in the tent. Unless you still feel the need to go walk, you might want to return to your trainer as well. There is construction going on here, and the slightest incident could halt their progress. By that, I mean demolish the building and cause them to start over. The damage from the Green Trainer did enough as it is. With that, he made his way back into the tent, toward Kiba and Julia.


Sprit gave the question some thought. It sounded unusual to ask, but well, who here wasn't curious about something? Kiba isn't a trainer... She paused, realizing how confusing that must be. He doesn't control us, he considers us equals and calls us his friends. We follow him because we want to, not because we have to. I mean, I came back in this ghostly form and I could have just left, but I didn't. I guess... He's just enjoyable for Pokemon. The only instance that I'd call him a trainer is that he will have battle practice with us, to help us get stronger. But we don't have to if we don't want to, it's our option.


Aviath and Mello were pretty much dragged off to the big tent by Jev, insistent on getting front row seats. Mello giggled slightly. It was amusing how much the bug went through to have his way. However, she was distracted by the two humans on the bed. As they were carried away, Mello watched Julia for a few moments before she was out of sight. She smiled while doing so.

Ki, you're here, right? If so, I'd like to be up and walking again... If you aren't busy. Kiba had been focused, silent, sending this message to the Lucario. After a few moments he had entered the tent, pausing a moment to see the two together, smiling. Kiba cringed a bit but nodded to Ki. "You think you can get me out of here and walking again?"

Ki nodded, and this time his telepathy took a more open form, to which they could both hear. Yes, but we can't do it in this bed, we'll have to get you outside, propped up against a tree. Julia, if you wouldn't mind, could you help me carry him? He lifted Kiba slightly, pulling the human arm or his shoulder and lifting him a bit with his back. He knew Julia wasn't that strong, the issue was more of balance than strength. Help me by carrying his other arm over your shoulder, we can carry him out to that tree we had spoken by. Then I may begin. He gave Julia a slight glance, this time speaking only in her mind. Two more things. One, your Entei seems satisfied with you, as long as you don't restrain him. Two... Thank you. He smirked slightly, she'd know what he meant by it.

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