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Originally Posted by Nuke View Post
The recent games in the PES series. To anyone who knows the PES/Fifa franchise they'll know that Fifa has been top dog for a few years now, but since 2010 the PES franchise has actually had major improvements and still gets rated just as badly. The demo for the latest game was released last week and it is a major improvement on any recent football game from either franchise, but everyone is suddenly ridiculously biased to fifa because apparently it's still terrible.

I hate to bring up Saints Row 2 again on here because I feel all of my posts in this forum involve it, but it's the most fun I've ever had in a game and yet I bet the average review is about 10% less than GTA IV which was horribly bland.
I disagree, GTAIV actually had quite a bit to it, there was a crapton to do and the city was detailed, filled with hundreds of personalities and lots of activity. How does that qualify as bland? I mean, I often see SR fans baw about how it's so much better than GTAIV, and I've played them both. Granted, I felt the gameplay for SR2 was stiffer than that of GTAIV, and part of the reason I lost interest so quickly (though I did play quite a bit of it), but I often thing that SR fans just crap on GTAIV because they're coerced by its popularity and simply think violent or insulting thoughts about it because they like one more than the other.
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