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Originally Posted by atif View Post
I asked Suicune, and I will now reveal the suprise.
Do you remember Littleroot Town? The reigon that it's in? Hoenn? Well it's going to be visitable in this hack! All of it! Team Magma will be in Kanto, something to to with Groudon. Where is Team Aqua? Still in Hoenn? So yeah, Kanto and Hoenn can both be visited! We've got a few towns and a city done, so it's going good.
hoooly cow. I'm really glad to hear you guys are working together, adding a whole new region is going to be amazing, and it's great that you'll have a new story in Kanto too! Having Suicune's balancing of Pokémon, increased difficulty, etc. alongside drastic changes such as this is going to make this already great hack incredible! I'm even more excited for this hack now, this is such great news, and I think it definitely constitutes putting this hack in the Progressing Hacks section. I wish you two the best of luck with this, and I anxiously wait another update!