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    Thanks! After 2 warnings, I think I'll leave Castform alone lol. Don't want to screw things up.

    The V/Sand battles won't be that easy. I've set them up & planed accordingly to how an expert player would battle them. Unlike gamefreak who thinks the ppl playing are idiots. Like I said, V's pokemon have powerful attacks along with the status affects. And the sand team is actually more prepared against fighting then it is water/ice. You may see a Gliscor...You may see a Metagross. Not to mention their levels are somewhat higher then an average player's levels would be at that time. But I've did a playthrough of the hack & created a team as if I knew no knowledge of what I was going up against in the beta & after 3-4 tries against the event opponents & an hour of leveling up before the battles, I manage to get past all of them. So no opponent in the hack is "Unbeatable". Some are just "Very Challenging". Shockingly, I've even seen the opponents in the event battles switch out their pokemon a decent amount of times if they knew they had a pokemon who is more suitable to battle the player's pokemon.