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Originally Posted by SwiftSign View Post
People saying you should only be taught things you're interested in - really? You think kids want to learn Maths, or how to analyse poems in English, or learn ancient Latin that they're unlikely to ever use?

School isn't about what you want to learn, it's about learning things that can help a child be rounded in their knowledge and have enough information to make their own choices in life.

Again, some people here seem to be mistaking 'Religious Education' for Bible Reading or learning how to worship. That's nowhere near what it is. ;__;
I think once you're in high school, you can make your own decisions. It would fall apon the student to make educated desicions. In my old high school you only needed to take 2yrs of math, I took it for 4 but I was pleased to know it was of my own violation.

I find no interest in alla, or Mohamed, well not enough to take a class on it, even if it is suplimented with other boring religions. I would list in to a friend talk about it, or vist there church, but that would only be 2hrs of my life. Not a semester.
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