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Originally Posted by Team Fail View Post
I'm pretty sure Tinke can save, you just have to write a new NDS each time. When you replace a file, you'll have to write a new rom, but yeah. I use 0.8.2 for music hacking and replacing SSEQ files, because it can import files larger than what was originally there, which is a major issue with CT.

Useful tutorial nonetheless, it will be useful in many projects. Perhaps what's here can be adopted into a program of sorts.

Also, is there any documentation of this file format in the NITRO SDK? It might have some useful info you could use to expand this.
Well, I have noticed that Tinke 0.8.2 won't save the contents when you export the NARC after changing the contents inside it. They have actually fixed the issue in a newer revision, it can be found in the issues section on it's Google Code page, or by clicking here.

And there isn't any documentation on NSCR files in either the Nitro Plugins for Maya, 3ds Max or NNS 3D Material Editor. But they do mention about the .imd files, which are the files that are not compiled into a binary code yet. The NSCR, NCGR, and others... are the files that are already compiled in a binary code, I assume. Perhaps there was something in the Nitro SDK that might've been used to compile everything into a binary file, or maybe it was some tool that only the most highest of Nintendo staff used to compile the projects sent to them into a binary file to then put into the manufactured game card.
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