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    My Final Blue Update!
    My Nuzlocke run was a success! Easily Defeated the Pokemon League and Mewtwo!
    But all in all i lost some very dear friends, ones that were with me for a long time and ones that were with me for a while. They all helped in some way for me to finish this challenge!
    My Final Team

    TurtleNips - Blastoise lvl5 - lvl 55
    moves: Bite, Ice Beam, Hydro Pump, Surf
    Gumball - Wigglytuff lvl 4 - lvl 52
    moves: Rest, Tri Attack, Toxic, Strength
    Kumy - Muk lvl 39 - lvl 51
    moves: Fire Blast, Body Slam, Minimize, Sludge
    Vegeta - Sandslash lvl 8 - lvl 53
    moves: Rock Slide, Earthquake, Slash, Dig
    Mr.Beaks - Pidgeot lvl 4 - lvl 53
    moves: Swift, Fly, Quick Attack, Wing Attack

    Box List
    Tickler - Tentacool - lvl 10
    Nessi - Lapras lvl 15
    AnalBeads - Onix lvl 15
    Dracula - Zubat lvl 7
    TwinkleToe - Diglette lvl 20
    Mr.Tinkles - Meowth lvl 12
    Sparks - Riachu lvl 26
    DSLsprout - Bellsprout lvl 13
    Biggy - Snorelax lvl 31
    Birdmutant - Doduo lvl 26
    Buzz - Venomoth lvl 32

    My Fallen Warriors! (listed in order of death)
    TinyWings - Pidgey lvl2
    Bubba - Drowzee lvl 13 - lvl 15
    Stanley - Gastly lvl 20 - 24
    Sam - Hitmonlee lvl 30
    Bolt - the amazing Jolteon may you rest in piece! :'( lvl 25 - lv 53
    Drill Don - Rhydon lvl 55

    and my game is done. i did it.. but i will continue.. onto pokemon Gold which i already started!

    Now for my Pokemon Gold update.. I started it already..
    Game: Gold
    UserName: HBK_ANGEL
    You must nickname all of your Pokemon. (highly recommended)
    A black out/white is a "game over," even if there are Pokémon left in the PC.
    You must change the battle style to SET.
    You may not use/catch legendary Pokémon.
    My Team
    Kano♂ - Cyndaquil lvl 11
    Cathie♀ - Butterfree lvl 10
    TinyBeak♂ - Pidgey lvl 9(for me this is Mr.Beaks son, after i finished my challenge Mr.Beaks mated with a female Pidgeotto and TinyBeak was born haha)