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Originally Posted by Mentalii View Post
Who do you prefer as an ancestor/a god of all Pokemon: Mew vs Arceus?

Mew. I can't stand Arceus. Everything was fine in the Pokémon World, no need to have a god, then Arceus came, because Game Freak decided to add a religious side to Pokémon and also wanted to resolve many questions since a god is supposed to create everything and things like that. But seriously, who wants that as a god? I never liked this Pokémon.
While Mew is a really cute and intriguing Pokémon. I want to know more about it, it's mysterious. And its power are fascinating, how can it know every moves? Is it really the ancestor? Why? There are so many things to discover about it ! Contrary to the thing I mentioned above.
I think the whole point of Mew's existence is actually to be the mysterious Pokémon. While the hype about it died down long ago, Mew was practically a rumour back in the days, which was started by the fact that there was a Pokémon called Mewtwo. To people's suprise, Mew actually existed in the games, though not much information was on it, and nothing was really explained on it in the movie, other than it was an extremely rare Pokémon, and that its DNA would be able to help create the strongest Pokémon. Now that builds on another thing, which is also the answer to why Mew can learn all moves, which is, as I stated in my other post, that it holds the DNA of every single other Pokémon, which would obviously make its own DNA very unique, and obviously very good for research, which is probably why Mewtwo is so strong.

I don't think anything was ever explained on Mew's origin, where it came from, why it's the ancestor of all Pokémon, though maybe it's part of something bigger. Arceus and Mew could be at the same level in Pokémon world, demigods to speak, and could both have been created by an actual Pokémon god to kinda serve as the strongest Pokémon around, and to uphold everything and all. I know I'm reading too much into it, and quite frankly I don't even believe that'd ever be possible, as well as I don't want it to, though it is a possibility.
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