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Nuzlocke Challenge: HeartGold
Trainer Name: Lyra

Nicknaming Pokemon
Not Releasing Starter

Started off with Cyndaquil, named Smokie. After completing the errand to Mr. Pokemon's and back, then receiving some pokeballs I headed out to route 29.
Caught Pidgey, Female, Level 3. Named Hedwig (Because I'm just that dorky!)
Battled to raise Hedwig's level.
Caught Mandrake the Caterpie.
Madrake died. (And was then released) It was a critical hit from a pidgey I think.
Caught Mandragora, the Bellsprout.
Went into Dark Cave and caught Petroc the Geodude.
Boxed Mandragora, because I'm just not a fan of bellsprout.


Smokie- Cyndaquil, Lvl 9, Male
Tackle, Leer, Smokescreen

Hedwig- Pidgey, Lvl 10, Female.
Tackle, Sand Attack, Gust

Petroc- Geodude, Lvl 2, Male
Tackle, Defense Curl


Mandragora- Bellsprout, Lvl 4, Female


Mandrake- Caterpie, Lvl 4, Male

Nuzlocke Challenge: HeartGold
Regular Gameplay: White

First Ever Nuzlocke Challenge!
Still haven't actually beaten White...Keep getting distracted!