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    Originally Posted by Element0 View Post
    quick question, when you say you can only catch one pokemon per area, does that mean if i catch something in route two i cant catch another one but i can catch one in route 3? once i get a answer i will start my challenge.
    It means that the ONLY Pokemon you can catch ever are the first one you see in one route/cave/etc. Like if the first Pokemon on Route 1 is a Pidgey, then you can't catch anything on Route 1 except this Pidgey. If you accidentally kill this Pidgey, tough. You can't catch anything else in Route 1. It doesn't matter if later you find another Pidgey that's the exact same, you can only catch this one first Pidgey. But you CAN catch another Pidgey in Route 2 (if it's the first Pokemon you find there).

    Congratulations to HBK_ANGEL on your finished run!

    EDIT: While I'm here I might as well update about my current progress. I planned to only update after big events, but whatever. Update 2.1! Literally the only Pokemon I have that can use Cut except Monferno is my dead Bidoof. Is that legal? To use my dead 'mons as HM slaves? Can someone confirm this? On other news, hatched Cynthia's egg and am grinding Togepi up. Old Chateau isn't a bad grinding spot.... I'm going to get him up to 20-ish like my other 'mons.

    Current Official Party:

    King Kong, the male Monferno (Quiet, lv 29)
    -Flame Wheel
    -Mach Punch
    -Fury Swipes

    Psyched, the female Psyduck (Hardy, lv 20)
    -Water Gun

    Mockingjay, the male Staravia (Impish, lv 24)
    -Wing Attack
    -Quick Attack

    The Thing, the male Geodude (Modest, lv 20)
    -Rock Smash
    -Rock Throw

    Sakura, the female Cherubi (Docile, lv 20)
    -Magical Leaf
    -Leech Seed

    Brawlymon, the male Machop (Bold, lv 21)
    -Karate Chop
    -Seismic Toss

    First Encounters:

    Twinleaf Town - Lv 5 Chimchar, starter, named King Kong
    Route 201 - Lv 3 Starly, caught, named Mockingjay
    Route 202 - Lv 2 Bidoof, caught, named Justin B.
    Route 203 - Lv 4 Abra, fled
    Oreburgh Gate - Lv 6 Psyduck, caught, named Psyched
    Oreburgh Mine - Lv ? Zubat, defeated
    Route 207 - Lv 5 Geodude, caught, named The Thing
    Route 204 - Lv 9 Wurmple, caught, named Useless
    Floaroma Meadow (Honey Tree) - Lv 15 Cherubi, caught, named Sakura
    Valley Windworks - Didn't go into the grass yet because what if I get a Bidoof.... Should I wait for Drifloon?
    Route 205 - Lv 10 Shellos, defeated
    Eterna Forest - Double battle Bidoof and Buneary, defeated Bidoof and caught Buneary, named Bugs
    Underground - Skull Fossil (Future Cranidos)
    Route 211 - Lv 14 Chingling, caught, named Jingler (Wait, it's not Christmas yet)
    Mt. Coronet - Lv 15 Machop, caught, named Brawlymon (I don't know....)
    Eterna City - Togepi egg from Cynthia, hatched, named Tyrael (angel from Diablo 3)
    Old Chateau - Lv 15-ish Gastly, defeated (I thought Ghost was RESISTANT to Psychic and I forgot Gastly line was part Poison X_X I'm so dumb)

    Boxed and Deceased:

    Useless, the male Silcoon (I think he'll stay in my box forever.... I can't see myself using him ever again)
    Jingler, the male Chingling (Extended party)
    Tyrael, the male Togepi (Diablo 3 anyone? Also, currently training up)

    Justin B. - Lv 8 male Bidoof
    Rouge - Lv 5 female Zubat (sacrificed to a biding Pachirisu because I wasn't sure if my other 'mons could take the hit after the damage that Pachy took. your death was not in vain, Rouge the Bat!)
    Bugs - Lv 12 male Buneary (he died in training x_x sadface.)


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