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    @ Red: No Seer of Space?…

    Honestly, I'd rather just have you surprise me! :D
    I feel like it'll be more fun for me like that anyways!

    Also, I've been coming up with some planets of my own (I've considered writing a fan-fic xD), let me know what you think, and if you're down you should totally use any of these too!:
    • LORAS - Land of Rocks and Sulfur (decaying planet with sulfur-spewing geysers and no vegetation… this one's probably my favorite so far )
    • LOSAI - Land of Storms and Islands (pretty self explanatory, inhabitants could be crocodile pirates or something :D)
    • LOAAC - Land of Amethysts and Caves (plain planet with a vast network of underground tunnels and light-emitting purple amethysts)
    • LOSAF - Land of Snakes and Frogs (saved for Hero of Space (you know why), this is basically a swamp full of frogs and snakes that eat the frogs… making the hero's mission slightly more… difficult)
    • LOBAL - Land of Blood and Locusts (inspired by the Bible's famous passage about the great famines, the sea is blood, the land is covered by locust carcasses, and travelling clouds of locusts attack anything in their path)

      …I have other ideas, but I don't like those as much I guess…

    @Retro: I feel like you should go ahead and post before me… I don't know if there's much for Ricardo to do at this point anyways…
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