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Trainer Nameteel Surge
Trainer Type: CoolGuy
Trendy Titleurge's Son
Appearance:he has a black tee-top with jeans that go to his feet, he wears a raichu necklace to remind him of his father Lt Surge, He also has blonde hair
Home Region:Kanto
Bio: Steel Obtained his first pokemon at the age of 11; it was a gift from his father. His father gave him a pichu, that pichu is the child of Lt. Surge's Raichu. When steel was 12 he ventured out from vermilion ciity and went to cities like cerulean, Saffron, and celadon. Steel couldnt beat any of the three gyms. After the third gym he attempted he headed home. At age 13 Steel Amputated his leg watching a gym battle, Raichu accidently shocked it while aiming for a burrowing diglet. Several months later Professor Elm saw Steel at the Harbor and gave him a pokedex, that same day Steel caught a drowsee thinking it was an electric type to give to his dad, but after research Steel found it was a psychic type. Steel didnt want to disapoint his dad with the wrong type so Steel kept it himself. Pichu and Drowsee got along really well so steel didnt have any regrets keeping Drowsee.When Steel turned 14 Lt. Surge got a letter in the mail requesting for him to go to battle island. Surge thought about going himself, but he gave the invitation to his son. After that Steel was off
Personality:He is a calm person that would do anything for his friends and loved ones.
Key Item of Choiceokedex
Aura Color:Bright Yellow
Pokemon Team:


Picha (Male)

lvl 12

Sweet kiss
Tail Whip

Yellow Scarf

Picha was Steel's first pokemon, on the way Steel and picha agreed to aim for the badge that lets them cancel evolution so Picha could be a Pichu forever. Picha was bred by Lt. Surge and given to Steel as a present. Ever since that day when picha was given to Steel they have been best friends


Drowow (Male)

lvl 9


Drowow was intended as a gift for Steel's father to show his thanks for Picha, but Lt. Surge told Steel that he could only accept Electric types as gifts, but seeing the sadness in his son's eyes Surge gave Drowow Toxic
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