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    looks like I've been missing on here a while
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    Well I got both my kids and my wife into pokemon now. I managed to get all the starters for my wife, my daughter, and my self after my wife did soft resets until she received a female starter.

    After a bit of breeding I got other starter females of the GTS. As for other things, I was able to get the "black exclusive" on my copy of white.

    Usually the Japanese are more realistic for trades. (but they often have the >9 legendarys as well)

    I doubt I will be able to get everything like I had in Pokemon Pearl without the help of my fellow traders on here.

    However, I did lose my copy of Pearl and will have to start all over again with a new copy of Diamond. :/

    Well that is half the fun right? This time I have a Heart Gold to help me get a full roster once more.
    Gotta start all over.

    Shiny Pokemon:
    None (lost them all)

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