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Julia Blackwood - Tent in Heroes' Loft
Entei seemed to watch Ki go for a moment in silence. Well... he supposed conversation worked just as well as exercise to sate his desire to get out and do something. He headed back towards the tent.

Julia listened to what Ki had to say and went perhaps slightly blank expressionless at the thought of carrying Kiba. She seemed to shrug any awkwardness off in favor of making actual progress however and shifted around, getting up. As she did she heard what Kiba had to say. Entei was... satisfied? What did that mean? She was just a naive trainer with no knowledge of what went through a pokemon's mind or the incredible things that went on beyond what she could physically see. Did... that mean she was good enough for the legendary dog? That was a comforting thought, she supposed. She was more concerned about---

Entei walked into the tent. Cue Julia stopping what she was doing and just sort of looking at him all 'Oh snap!'. She hurriedly dug through her purse and yanked out Entei's pokeball, returning the large pokemon and then promptly moving her way over to stomp out the flames. Cue sigh of exasperated relief. The things she did for love

Now what had she been doing? Oh, right...

Julia just sort of moved back to Kiba, turning her head to acknowledge Ki with a nod as she went. She had a fair, if not vague idea of what he was saying thank you for.

"Sorry, again..."

She gave off an awkward apologetic smile and turned her attention to Kiba, working with Ki to help him up and hopefully carry him. She honestly had exactly no idea what Ki had in mind, so she just sort of... made an effort to follow alongside him, allowing him to direct where they went.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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