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    Physical Medicine

    Ki, with the assistance of Julia, carried the incapacitated Kiba out of the tent over to the tree on the edge of the clearing. This was probably a good distance away from anyone, so it would just be them. I think we're far enough from everyone else. Wouldn't want to worry the others, would we? As they placed Kiba gently up against the tree, his blue and green eyes glinted with a mixture of anticipation and fear. An odd mix, though the reasoning would soon be clear. Kiba, are you ready? Kiba nodded slightly, though there was a distinct look on his expression that said otherwise.

    Good. And Julia, he had turned to her, red and purple eyes seeming to look increasingly serious, No matter what, you can't interfere, and you can't stop me. We've done this before but if interrupted his condition will be worse. Just let me complete this and he'll be walking again. Okay? He seemed to have said this in more of a commanding than a questioning tone, and he didn't wait for an answer either. He hoped she wouldn't be offended by it.

    Kiba looked upward at Julia, smiling slightly, despite the fear in his eyes. He then turned to the Lucario. "Alright Ki, let's do it." Ki created a bone of energy (using Bone Rush which still has no logic behind it) and placed it promptly between Kiba's jaws. Make as many dog jokes as you want, but this was some serious medical treatment. Ki knelt down in front of Kiba, who shut his eyes tightly, preparing himself as best he could. Ki's paws began to flow and radiate with Aura, then began to jab into Kiba's chest and legs. Muffled screams erupted from Kiba, and he clamped his teeth down on the bone to distract from the pain. For about four minutes this went on, Ki making sure he hit precisely where he was aiming each time, all the while causing Kiba some pained screams and rapid cringing.

    After a lot of pain and shouting, Ki stood up, facing Kiba with a serious expression. Now stand brother! He had taken a harsh tone, somewhat like a drill instructor. Kiba's face scrunched in pain as he struggled to get off of his knees and onto his feet, but as soon as he reached toward the tree for support, Ki swatted his hand down with the energy bone. No crutches! You think you can get through life leaning on others for support?? Ki had paused slightly, as if he had just realized that Julia and Kiba were now "a thing". He seemed to have stopped, spending the moment in thought. ... Well... You might actually have a chance there... That is, if Julia is willing to help. He turned to face her, as if awaiting her decision. Kiba's vision also shifted from the Lucario to the damsel in distress girl he'd fallen for.

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