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    Cody Rhodes
    White Rabbit Syndrome

    ‘’I’m late I’m late I’m late!!!’’

    An 18 year old male with a really bad haircut, huge eyes that made his head look incredible out of proportion with the rest of his admittedly quite small and frail body wearing black converse trainers, jean shorts, as well as a white shirt and black tie was frantically yelling to himself as he ran through the doors of a large building which a sign saying ‘’Admissions’’ had pointed him too.

    ‘’I’m sorry but I’m late!’’

    The young male continued to shout to himself and anyone that would listen as he desperately ran into the large room and almost in circles as his eyes darted around the room for the next sign of where to go, and he hoped to find it quick, people were beginning to stop and stare at him, as one boy even pointed and sjirachied as he walked by.
    Thankfully his eyes finally settled on what was surely the reception desk, he darted towards it, his suitcase making every effort to slow down the far from fit trainer who finally reached the desk and dropped his suitcase, breathing very heavily and bending over slightly resting his hands on his knees to catch his breath.
    A young women behind the desk who was doing paperwork stopped in her tracks and stared at the young man with a look of confusion and slight fear

    ‘’Are you quite alright dear?..’’ she said to him in a concerned voice

    ‘’ thankyou’’ he stuttered, taking about 20 seconds to get the words out between taking huge gulps of air back into his lungs

    ‘’I....I...I am for the t...t.....tournament’’

    His lack of breath was doing nothing to help hide his stutter, 5 minutes on the island and he was already the biggest loser there...

    ‘’I see, and what is your name?’’ the receptionist said with a smile as she turned to her computer

    ‘’C...C....Cody Rhodes m....m....maam’’

    ‘’Cooooody Rhoooodes, ah yes here we are, you are in A Hall, Creation Block, here is your card key’’

    She smiled and held out the card key which Cody took from her. He tried to force a smile of gratitude back, but what appeared was more of a grimace impression of a Haunter using Scary Face. He picked up his suitcase and walked away quickly to prevent scaring her anymore that he already must have...

    Still not quite sure of what way he was meant to be going, he followed the general direction being taken by the majority of people in the building, which sure enough led him towards the Pokemon Arena, and his eyes thankfully laid eyes on a large sign saying ‘’Creation’’

    Cody Rhodes awkwardly scuttled over to the door, and noticing what appeared to be some sort of scanned next to the handle, he places his card key in front of it, and surely enough it clicked with recognition. Opening the door, he walked down the new hall and soon found the room number which corresponded with the number on the card. Cody took a great sigh of relief and pushed open the door...
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