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Vieve Gotle

I’m not very good with machines so fiddling around with these is rather pointless. I know better than to give up because I don’t want to disappoint Ricardo or anyone else for that matter. Hopefully, I can find somewhere to slide this large, red card slot thing. The sun is still blazing but luckily my Mom keeps shady spots all around the garden. Pastel, open umbrellas are sticking out of the ground around a oval, glass table which has three chairs around it. We, Gavin, Mom, and I would sit around it after school and discuss our day. That tradition died a long time ago but sometimes I wish, I wish I could relive my childhood. I need to be looking on the good side of things I let the past affect me way more than I should. Well, here’s to finding this invisible slot this is way too difficult. At a steady pace I make my way to the weight machine to start searching for any crevices. Running my hands across the metal is a bad idea on a sunny day like today. I may have let some ouches out in pain though I guess I deserve this for not thinking about it. I must look like a wild child as I’m crawling around this machine on my knees looking high and low for something that’s clearly not here. Giving up is my only option I don’t even care to check the second one because it isn’t worth my time. Having set the card on the table I quickly retrieve it and head up the stairs into my room. I will never get use to having a staircase to my room from the outside, it’s just too weird. Plus, everyone in the world can peer into my room while I’m sleeping. I glance at my computer screen noticing a flashing light at the bottom of the screen which means I have conversations to check. Call it a gut feeling but since this other machine is so close to me I know I just have to check it again. I come to a stop right in front of green SBURB logo and see that there is a disc slot to down and to the left of it.

“Finally,” I let out a sigh of relief because maybe we’ll actually get someone now like home. I slide the red card into where it belongs then wait a few seconds to see if any lights swirl around me and send me to the real world. A few seconds pass, a few minutes yet nothing is happening this is just my luck.

Clicking on Candice’s conversation because I just want to vent for a bit and she is always good at listening to what I have to say. Lately she’s talking more than she ever has before which is great! I think that's thanks to me I’m slowly dragging here out of her shell. Next thing you know I’ll be able to get her try on a dress!
-- archaicMiracle began pestering paintSplatter --
AM: Nah, it's fine...
AM: I gotta keep my cool here...
AM: although I'm not going to lie...
AM: I think I might believe in magic.
AM: But besides that, thanks for being here.
AM: And such a good friend.
AM: To return the gratitude, I will teach you the ways of skateboarding
AM: It's a bit....dirty, but it's fun.
AM: Anyway, that isn't the point.
AM: Vinnie destroyed my bathroom, so I slipped and got water soaked over me.
AM: As clumsy as that makes me sound.
AM: But it's going to be fixed soon.

PS: Skateboarding? That thing called balance I have none.
PS: How about you just thank me by wearing a lovely, pink dress?
PS: Oh, Vinnie. He’s messy.
PS: I’m too embarrassed to talk to him.
PS: Also, I just shoved this red thing into one of those machines and nothing happened.
PS: What if I broke it? Or worse it became a bomb.

-- paintSplatter ceased pestering archaicMiracle --
I get that butterfly feeling when I see Vinnie’s name. It crazy because we already tried… I just don’t know where it went wrong but it did. I can’t fall for his sappy lines and charm anymore but as much as I say I won’t, I will. Why am I discussing this still? Ohh, one of those new people actually responds the other not so much.
VB: True, we don't really know each other.
VB: But I know you will need to get to the Medium very soon,
VB: even though VC believes this bought you guys some time.
VB: And I know that we need you.
VB: And I will let you know that you need to open the Cruxtruder. The machine with the tube and screens. Use something heavy and bang the lid as hard as you can.
VB: Then, take a look up into the sky, girl. And see how SBURB really begins.
PS: Cruxtruder? Medium? What?
PS: You seem to know your stuff so I’ll trust you this ONCE.
PS: Getting something heavy though…
Does s/he mean something heavy like a boulder? Mom has plenty of those in the front yard as decoration but I can’t possibly lift them. Could I use shovel or something? Geeze, I’m not physically fit for this kind of demanding work. I toss my hands up in the air in defeat and that’s when I notice my chain jiggle. I clasp my pendants then a smiles soars across my face as I’m having an idea. The green card I left to the right side on my desk will come in handy. Quickly snatching it up I make my way down to the Cruxtruder which is a mouth full to say or think for that matter. Flip-flops are not made for multiple trips up and down stairs this is why I need that escalator. Standing on the Cruxtruder to get into a good position to swing my axe but first I need it from this card. Can I just pull it out? I stare at the card before reaching toward it with my right hand. This is just plain weird whoever saw this was think I was absolutely crazy. Somehow I manage to do something right because it feels like I’m gripping the handle. I slowly set the card down on the machine with my other hand inside the card? I don’t know it’s strange as I said before. Bending over I do the same with my left hand as I did with my right. Bracing myself I tug firmly which delivers the axe to me but god it’s heavy.

“Got it,” I say as I ‘m raising up the axe to slam it down on the lid. I’m not sure I can do it twice I hope it works the first time…

"I'm ready for a nap..."

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