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Julia Blackwood - Near Heroes' Loft
...Distress indeed, Kiba. Julia just sort of became confused when Ki told her she couldn't interrupt. Why... would she ever want to do that? He was just helping Kiba, right? He was going to do something magic-esque and awesome and Kiba would get up as if he were never hurt to--oor he could stick an energy bone in Kiba's mouth. Julia just sort of raised her brows, not sure what to make of what she was seeing. Was... was that a healing bone? Was he supposed to eat that? How was that thing even solid anyway? Did that burn to have in contact with one's mouth?

And then Ki started hitting Kiba and Julia just sort of... watched in horror, her eyes shooting wide open. She honestly hadn't been remotely prepared for what she was seeing. This was less 'hard to watch' and more 'a traumatic experience that may resurface later in life'. Julia was not a doctor, or even a hardened adult. She didn't have one clue what in the distortion world Ki was doing and how that was supposed to help nor did she have the wisdom to deduce what may have been going on. To her, it looked like he was murdering Kiba right in front of her and asking her to watch. There was simply no other way for her to see it. And that is why Ki was never allowed to watch the chidren.


When Ki finally gave Julia some attention she looked kind of pale, and her mind seemed to be elsewhere, only coming back into focus then. Julia realized she'd somehow forgotten to breath and took in a deep, though slow breath. She just sort of... needed a moment to recover from the shock and oxygen deprivation to the brain of what she'd just seen. Kiba was asked to... get up? Now how did that work? Ki has miracle inducing magnets on the back of his paws. The idea that Ki had healed with punches was frankly too much for Julia to come to on her own. In all honesty, Ki now scared her a bit. He showed no restraint in flipping her world on it's head at random and the unknown frightened her.

Regardless, Julia just sort of nodded silently as she regained her composure and moved over to Kiba, giving him this skeptical look as if unsure he wasn't about to spontaneously implode. She was still trying to regain her senses of what was real, of what was expectable. Did people not normally spontaneously implode? That was a reasonable expectation, right? She was trying, but in all honesty her understanding of how the world worked had been rocked a bit too much in the last day or two. It asked too much of her young mind. Julia's composure further improved as the moments passed, though it never quite fully returned.

"How should I..? Like this..?"

She moved over and wrapped an arm around him in something akin to a side hug, attempting to help support his weight, perhaps by allowing him to lean on her.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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