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Bond~ Part 2
Yuki sat on the edge of Rion’s bed so she could look straight at him and nodded at him cheerfully before saying, “Of course, I would. You and me, we’ll be good friends.” before standing back up again. “I mean if you want to be of course,” she added quickly facing away from him to hide her now bright red cheeks.

She coughed, acting a little shyly and then said, “But please, if you ever need me. Feel free to ask me anything, I really care about my friends.”

Looking down at her hand she nodded once again, “Take it as a sign of our new friendship and a sign of the bravery inside of you just waiting to come out.” She said placing the necklace back in his hand, smiled at him again and walked back towards the door.

Her Emolga hearing all this smiled at her, knowing she had done the right thing. She waves to the three Pokemon in the room and then to Rion before flying onto Yuki’s shoulder as she left the room.
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