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Since I've been busy and I guess I'll do all the eps thus far (not counting ep 1 since I already said something about it).

Episode 2
When I first saw the OP, saw that Asuna was the main female and all of that I thought for sure that she was like Kirito, a beta tester, pro MMO player, and both of them are going to team up and it's going to be a walk in the park. I didn't expect her to be a total newbie. I personally like it better that way, it makes things more interesting. Sure it's been over a year, and chances are she isn't some newbie anymore. But still for an opening ep for her I liked it a good bit.

I do wonder if they've met since ep 2 (I sort of find it unlikely). I guess I'll find out in an ep or two.

Episode 3
As far as the guild I'm sure anyone could have seen their end a mile away. But it was still sad to see it all go down, and I felt bad for Kirito too. Sachi's death hit him hard, more so because he was all "I'm not going to let you die". And he must have been so heart broken when he got the item and saw that it had a 10 second limit on it. David and I were like "Them eyes remind me of Kiritsugu... I hope Kirito doesn't turn into someone who keeps losing people close to him... someone who's empty.", but I'm glad Sachi's message snapped him out of it.

That 10 second item thing reminds me of what I said on my first post. About if there's healers and how if you mess up you killed someone. 10 seconds isn't a long time, and if you're in a big battle then that makes things even worse. I'd hate to be the person who has to hang on to that item.

Episode 4
Pretty straight forward episode and not much to say. But it is good to see Kirito help someone, not only Silica but the guild leader who just wanted to jail the group that killed his friends. My mind goes back to times on MMOs that I've played where people a lot lower level needed help with something they couldn't do on their own. You get nothing out of it but that person is so glad that you helped. Names and people stick out, and over time people are like "I know that person, they did ...", and I'm glad Kirito is one of them people, and since he's so overleveled this was awesome.

I don't know how close this is following the LN (I'm sure parts and evens in the LN is lost while being animated). But from a purely anime stand point I really like the show thus far. Not the biggest fan of big time skips every week, but I guess it'd get boring to see him battle random monsters, and take a few days to level up a little. So I guess for now I guess I can deal with it.

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