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    Do I smell angst? I think I smell angst.

    A little heads up: because my old RP Sample was decidedly short, I switched it with something longer. I also made a few tweaks to the SU.
    Name/Nicknames: William "Will" Hayes

    Gender/Sex: Male

    Age: 19

    : Will is quite the dazzling young man, if he does say so himself; he stands at a fairly common height of five feet five, with a rather scrawny build topped by somewhat broad shoulders. These features, on anyone else, may not exactly scream "look at me!", but Will is...the exception to the rule, shall we say? Being trained from an early age to always keep his posture straight and his presentation pleasing, Will will (aww) often be one to attract attention due to his, as he calls it, debonair visage. It is to be noted, however, that despite what his mannerism suggests, Will is not unwilling to use his "perfect gentleman" image to get his way.

    Will was blessed at birth with an attractive countenance. A lucky stroke of fate (and good genes on his parents' part) has endowed him with the bread-and-butter heartthrob combination of clear blue eyes and blond hair. This fact is further accentuated by Will's pale complexion, which adds to him a sort of sophisticated aura. Admittedly, as far as natural appearance goes, little else is worthy of note, though many claims his rather vague features does put emphasis on his apparent gentleness.

    As far as wardrobe goes, Will is not as fashion-conscious as one may think; however, being in the social status that he is, it is pretty much a requirement to knowa thing or ten about fashion. Most of his nearest and dearest have noted that he is particularly fond of pastel colors, and will seldom wear dark colors unless used in tandem with the aforementioned pastels. He will rarely wear something for comfort, as he tries to appear as pleasing as possible. However, he has learned through thorough observation that dressing as if one didn't care for fashion has a charm of its own. It's not something he can exactly identify with, but if it'll help fulfill his ambitions...

    William Devon Hayes was born to Arthur and Maria Hayes, two successful entrepreneurs whose huge business profits allowed them to live right in the lap of luxury. Being born into such a lavish environment, it is hardly a surprise that young Will received only the finest education, munched only on the most exquisite cuisines, and touched only the most expensive toys. He was accustomed to living a frivolous life, and quite luckily the Hayes Enterprises, a string of PokeBall factories spanning across a good chunk of Kanto, survived through their region's rocky political and economic landscape, thus continuing to provide money to burn on Will's necessities.

    However, when the United States of Unova (henceforth USU) absorbed the region into its empire, the Hayes Enterprises saw a great surge in competition for the market that led to its demise. After their company's bankruptcy, Arthur and Maria were reduced to being small business owners, and, as a result, they could no longer support Will's costly upbringing. And thus, for the first time in his life, at fourteen years of age, he received his first formal education. His years of being privately tutored for most of his life came to be a great asset while he was studying at the public school; his grades shot up above all others. When he finally graduated middle school, he found himself invited to an extremely prestigious private high school, surprising nobody.

    After graduating from High School with marks as high as his Middle School's, Will chose not to go to college for the time being. He helped out his parents in their chain of businesses, suggesting innovations that helped their company to further flourish. This lifestyle in itself was education to Will and proved to be invaluable experience in recognizing the nooks and crannies of the business field. Finding that this learning environment is far more convenient than that of those needlessly competitive universities, he decided to forsake higher education altogether. After all, where his former classmates were paying exorbitant amounts and working their brains off on their education, Will lived in casual luxury, all the while earning green on the side. Pretty sweet deal, no?

    Despite their family's economy shaping up to a respectable state, Arthur still yearned for their former glory and influence. To realize this dream, he decided to better organize his company. He took all of his small businesses and combined them into a single corporate entity, the new Hayes Enterprises. In three swift years, Will, Arthur and Maria had transformed the upstart company into a corporate superpower. As fate would have it, the couple were avid activists in a certain movement that the USU government did not particularly approve of; they saw the Hayes Enterprises's strong influence as a threat, and made up a reason to have both of their owners, Arthur and Maria, arrested. Suspecting Will was also involved in the movement, the government made arrangements to have Arthur sent to a reformatory facility, namely SOUL.

    : Well-mannered, articulate and affable, most people meeting Will for the first time would likely agree that he is a true gentleman, his lack of a mustache and top hat nonwithstanding. For good reason, too - his vocabulary practically oozes class, and his intellectual capabilities are nothing to sneeze at either. As is mentioned before, he constantly tries to put up a "perfect gentleman" facade, and most of the time, he succeeds with flying colors.

    However, Will is truly a golden apple with a rotten core; on the outside he may appear an entirely agreeable young man, but deep down in the depths of his heart, he's arrogant, cold, calculating, and just plain malicious. He may seem like he's wholeheartedly agreeing with you on the outside, but unless you're telepathic or just that good at reading the signs, you probably won't know that he's plotting your downfall in the short future. On occasions he may slip up and let through some of his heart's thoughts without his brain's consent, but any such occasions is quickly and profusely denied.

    Will is ambitious to a fault; he prefers to steer clear of those he deems weak (never shown outwardsly, of course; he's got a reputation to maintain). His battle style is extremely by-the-book. He will use type advantages, terrain effects, weathers and any other effects to his advantage, and he will rarely, if ever, make up new strategies, because he sees them as nothing more than gimmicks. He takes what worked and enacts them in his battles; as far as he's concerned, this method is far more effective than trying to improvise just for the sake of improvising.

    Aspiration: ruler of the world Will, after spending three years as an integral part of Hayes Enterprises, has his mind settled firmly on the business field.

    : Smoochum

    Password 1: you yew ewe I interpreted it wrong didn't I. ._. Queensland Wants Every Retired Tractors You're Using In Operation Plateau
    Password 2
    : sUgar two

    RP Sample:
    The tree planted inbetween the sidewalk's stone surface was never one that people paid attention to. Perhaps its broad trunk and its outlandish placement on the sidewalk earned it several fleeting glances, but the fact remains that it is of very little interest to the typical passerby. At that particular moment, however, this tree would have been very eye-catching indeed, for around its roots were the fiery red hair crowning the head of a young woman of some six feet; said woman was in what seemed like a deep slumber, her back rested against the rough surface of the wood. A sudden cold gust passed, rattling the tree leaves and awakening the girl under the protection of their shade.

    "Ah..." the girl uttered as a painful headache promptly attacked her brain. The feeling was like waking up in the middle of the night knowing that you had a terrible nightmare, but not knowing what the nightmare was. Fighting against the agonizing headache, the girl struggled to get up, gripping the tree's rough bark as support. She looked at her surroundings, but with the blurry vision and ominous headache she was afflicted with, the girl wasn't able to tell apart the fire hydrant and the pile of bricks laid out on the lawn of a house. She leaned against the tree again, closing her eyes and softly massaging her head. When she opened her eyes again, her vision was much clearer, but the headache was just as painful. Was it one of her symptoms acting up again? She couldn't tell.

    The girl decided that the best thing to do at the moment would be to find one of her maids for an aspirin--that was when the realization hit her. She wasn't home. Where was this? It didn't look familiar. The last thing she remembered was taking a shower...and then opening her laptop? That's right, she just logged into a game and put on the VR helmet. Was that what this is? Just an illusion created by the wonders of today's technologies? Unsure what to think or where to go, the girl decided to walk around and see where Lady Luck would lead her. She barely took five steps before a pink rabbit wearing earmuffs, a shawl and a pair of tiny red boots ran up to her, stopping her dead in her tracks.

    "Excuse me!" it squeaked. "You're a human, aren't you?"

    Recalling it was a Virtual Reality game, the girl didn't immediately respond. She felt her toes, moved her fingers and twitched her nose to make sure that she was, in fact, human. Only when she was positive that her form was indeed that of a human did she reply. "Yeah, that would be my guess. are?" the girl said, raising an eyebrow at the rabbit's attire.

    "They call me Cutemon. Do you have any idea where you are?" Cutemon inquired, and the question, after a brief pause, was replied to by the shake of the girl's head. Cutemon smiled. "I was hoping you'd say that. Come with me."

    "I don't know if I should. I'm not supposed to talk to strangers," Cutemon heard her say.

    "Then I take it you have a better idea?" said the Cutemon, now frowning. When the girl didn't respond for about five seconds, he smiled again. "I thought so. Come on," he said as he jerked his head, motioning for the girl to follow him.

    The rabbit hopped along the street, and the girl followed behind him at a distance. Her headache had died down, so now she could get a better look at the town. It looked old and abandoned, with wild shrubberies overtaking people's lawns, cracks on the asphalt streets and roofs with missing pieces.

    It felt like a ghost town.

    When the word ghost crossed her mind, she immediately felt chills run up her spine. She ran up to Cutemon, hoping to catch up with him as soon as possible.

    "Well, here we are," Cutemon said, holding an arm out towards a run-down building which was, similarly to most of the houses the girl had passed earlier, overtaken by shrubberies. Cutemon went on ahead, opening the double oak doors with a creaking sound.

    "I really should rethink this," the girl mumbled to herself. Was she really going to go through with this? Enter a building she had no knowledge of just because a stranger she met at the middle of an intersection told her to? Hang on--wasn't this just a game? There would be no consequences whatsoever if she chose to do so, right? This is probably just part of the plot the game is going through, so she wasn't going to get anywhere if she just randomly wandered this ghost town.

    Ghost town. The girl shuddered and immediately entered the building.

    As she pushed open the double doors, her eyes caught Cutemon chatting with...someone...or something. She wasn't sure which one it was, for he looked very much human, but stood only a couple of feet tall. Although she was trained not to judge people by their appearances, before she knew it she had dubbed this...person "old dwarf".

    "Where did you find it?" the old dwarf asked Cutemon. The girl blinked at that statement, trying not to take offense from being called 'it'.

    "Oh Jijimon, stop with the questions already! It was on one of them sidewalks," Cutemon replied briefly, getting behind the girl and nudging her to move towards a staircase.

    "What street?" the old dwarf, "Jijimon", inquired again, the fact that he was told to keep quiet just moments ago nonwithstanding.

    "That's not important, and besides I've got to bring her to Zephyr. Bye!" Cutemon called out to Jijimon. It was now pushing the girl--nudging, more like, since its hands only measured up to her ankles--up the set of stairs.

    "Zephyr?" the girl briefly questioned, genuinely interested. Was he perhaps the person who runs the mission control? The big boss that gives out missions for her to accomplish in the game?

    "Oh, you'll see," Cutemon replied briefly, which only added to her curiosity. She attempted to visualize this Zephyr person--most likely he's around his forties, or even older, with a beard or mustache and a tuxedo. Oh, and an eyepatch. An eyepatch would be cool.

    Cutemon lead her to the room where Zephyr was apparently in, and from the three people in the room, she was able to easily pick out Zephyr, as he was the only male there. The only thing she got right about him was his eyepatch--he was a teenager who was probably as old as herself. He wore a jacket over a hoodie, and he was very cleanly shaved. This was the big boss? Really? The game developers could have done better, she thought to herself.

    "Take a seat. The others have yet to arrive," Zephyr told the girl.

    Having no other option, she did as she was told and sat down on a chair close to one of the windows decorating the room, which also happened to be its lone source of light. Next to her was someone with white hair and red eyes--and a pair of demon horns. "Oh my," she blurted before she could stop herself. She covered her mouth with her hands and apologized to the white-haired girl. "Terribly sorry. Please ignore that."


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