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    Richard Lee Ambrose

    "Gladly," Richard nodded. "A companion sounds like just what the Chansey ordered, so long as you don't mind slowing your pace for an old man like me. Shall we look around for somewhere to spend the night? I'm sure there must be somewhere that hires out rooms to all the travellers. Best to make sure we get one before the others do, eh?"

    It would be good to have someone to travel with, not only for the company but also to help him with the physical tasks he might struggle with. It hurt his pride to consider that he might need that sort of assistance, but he had to be realistic if he expected to make it through this expedition in one piece. First they would get a decent nights sleep, then head for the temple first thing in the morning. In the light of day they would be able to spot the things others missed while blundering around in the dark, then be able to make their way further onto the island armed with whatever knowledge they were lucky enough to secure.

    This Ben seemed like a nice enough character, and Richard wanted to trust him... but still. Best to keep a few things close to the chest on the off-chance that it was all a ploy. Some people would do anything for fortune or fame.

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