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    Silver is now done with. Nothing interesting happened in Kanto, really...after all the gyms, I quickly trained my team up to Lv 60 and then faced Red.



    Kastro the Typhlosion, Lv 60 (♂)
    Item: Amulet Coin
    Flamethrower, Quick Attack, Strenght, Earthquake

    Menchi the Ampharos, Lv 60 (♀)
    Item: Charcoal
    ThunderPunch, Thunder, Fire Punch, Thunder Wave

    Hisoka the Hypno, Lv 60 (♂)
    Item: NeverMeltIce
    Psychic, Hypnosis, Headbutt, Ice Punch

    Kikyo the Sunflora, Lv 60 (♀)
    Item: Miracle Seed
    Giga Drain, Toxic, SolarBeam, Sunny Day

    Leorio the Persian, Lv 60 (♂)
    Item: Pink Bow
    Shadow Ball, Slash, Iron Tail, Mud-Slap
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