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    How do magnets work? F***ING MIRACLES!!

    Kiba slowly began to rise, and with Julia's assistance, was back on his feet. He smiled and bowed slightly to Ki, nearly losing his balance for a moment. The adamant Lucario nodded in response. Kiba gave Julia a small glance before turning suddenly to hug her. He cringed at the sudden movement, but smiled anyways. "You have no idea how long I've wanted to do this..." He seemed relaxed, and feeling rather weak, he rested his head over her shoulder. "So... What should we do?"

    Ki felt a small amount of self-pride in his work. Kiba was now up and moving once more, though he still looked like a mess; hair down, shirt made of bandages, pretty much every detail that made him look like he'd just got out of bed... After a huge injury, anyways. Ki proceeded elsewhere. I'll give you two some space... He then turned and walked off and disappeared with the scene.

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