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Thanks once again Venom12, though the game now seems to think the variables are set to something different than they should be (0). I'll try with a new save file and let you know if it works then.

Edit: Just checked and the game still seems to think these variables are set to something other than 0, even though 0 is default. I'm not sure why since it works fine once the game has been loaded. Any ideas?

Edit 2: Upon trying to find out what the variable was set to (by displaying it in a message) I got the following error:
Pokemon Essentials
Exception: TypeError

Message: can't clone FalseClass

PBIntl:654:in `clone'

PBIntl:654:in `_INTL'

MysteryGift:36:in `pbMysteryGiftSearch'

PokemonLoad:645:in `pbStartLoadScreen'

PokemonLoad:521:in `loop'

PokemonLoad:647:in `pbStartLoadScreen'

DebugIntro:6:in `main'

Main:43:in `mainFunctionDebug'

Mainin `mainFunction'

Mainin `pbCriticalCode'

This exception was logged in ./errorlog.txt.

Press Ctrl+C to copy this message to the clipboard.

The exact script I used works when displaying the wonder card message, so the script is not at fault. I'm not sure what is at fault though...

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