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    Hikari Natsumi Densetsu

    "I-I'm Icarus Uprising, b-but you can c-call me P-P-Pit...!" The boy introduced himself, he seemed just as shy as Hikari, maybe even more shy...? Hikari blinked a few times and then giggled. "& this is m-my Eevee, Ichigo..." The boy pointed at his Eevee, it looked cute, and shy, could they be just as inseperable as Hikari and Hinata? 'y-you know my name already, but i shall introduce in a more polite way...' Hikari said shyly and bowed with her hands clenched.

    'i'm Hikari Natsumi Densetsu.' she spoke with her soft and kind voice. 'and this is my pokemon Link, Hinata-Miu.' she pointed at her Fluffy looking Entei, for a Entei she looked quite feminine. Hinata walked over to the princess, the young man and his Eevee. '(hello there...)' Hinata rawred in pokemon language, only understandable for Hikari and Ichigo. 'she said hello.' Hikari smiled with her hands behind her back. 'what's your job in the country?' Hikari asked him, pretty curious.