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    Originally Posted by amcolash View Post
    Sounds like you are chugging away at this map. Firstly, making a separate excel spreadsheet is a good idea. Remember to use the DEC2HEX function to convert it all and then copy/paste the numbers into the original spreadsheet.

    For the palette numbers, yes they are meant to match the cities and towns. I am not sure in ruby, but I believe that it should be similar. There are about 4 cells which may stay yellow (palette 1) so check that it is only highlighting your cities.
    Yeah, did that pretty quickly as you said by reversing the HEX2DEC function and pasting the values once copied - do I need to worry about the code behind head of the coloured palette fields, would a screen-shot help show you what it currently looks like? Checking the yellow fields, pretty much none of them match up with the cities/towns. I think what may be sending it off is that the maps are different - one contains a blue border whereas my map takes up the whole space of 160 * 240 dimensions.
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