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    Well I enjoy battling Elite Four Members that use the Dark type (Karen, Sidney and Grimsley), here's my one.

    Elite Four Member Adrian


    Mightyena ♂ Lv.60
    (Sitrus Berry)
    Crunch, Taunt, Shadow Ball, Swagger


    Weavile ♂ Lv.64
    (Expert Belt)
    Night Slash, Ice Punch, Low Kick, Fake Out


    Umbreon ♂ Lv.62
    Toxic, Moonlight, Dark Pulse, Mean Look


    Tyranitar ♂ Lv.65
    (Chople Berry)
    Crunch, Stone Edge, Dragon Dance, Superpower
    Pokemon Friend Codes

    Black: 1464-1648-3107 (Connor)
    SoulSilver: 0562-3433-1970 (Gold)
    Pearl: 3482-9492-0865 (Adam)

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