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    I have chosen the following four points:

    Slow or too few updates:
    This can be annoying, especially at the start of the game when they have only completed up to the first gym or so and you cannot go any further into the game and have to wait a good few months before continuing. And generally by that time you can lose interest in the game which can result in the next point.

    They never get finished:
    This can be extremely disappointing for some people. For me a good example is Pokémon Ash Grey. It may be being worked on but as far as I know it has been stopped. I was very much looking forward to playing the full game but doesn't seem like it will happen unfortunately.

    Misspellings in games:
    This is one of the most frustrating things that happen. If it is something small such as a space wasn't added between two words that is understandable, everyone makes mistakes. But when people just write in fully lower case and do not use punctuation at all (that may be an over exaggeration) to me it shows laziness and no dedication towards the work they have done.

    Fake Pokémon:
    I only like 'Fakémon' for legendary Pokémon as long as they have a good story towards them. Or for Starters (sometimes). But when you enter the first route and there are at least 4 different Pokémon that pop up that are all Fakémon it can annoy me. Which is why I dislike playing games that have a lot of Fakémon in them.

    It can be very disappointing when there is a game that has a lot of potential with an amazing story line and mapping and graphics etc. but is ruined by one of the points I previously mentioned.
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