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Originally Posted by Polizard'12 View Post
Well I enjoy battling Elite Four Members that use the Dark type (Karen, Sidney and Grimsley), here's my one.

Elite Four Member Adrian


Mightyena ♂ Lv.60
(Sitrus Berry)
Crunch, Taunt, Shadow Ball, Swagger


Weavile ♂ Lv.64
(Expert Belt)
Night Slash, Ice Punch, Low Kick, Fake Out


Umbreon ♂ Lv.62
Toxic, Moonlight, Dark Pulse, Mean Look


Tyranitar ♂ Lv.65
(Chople Berry)
Crunch, Stone Edge, Dragon Dance, Superpower
Vey nice, I like this team a lot, I think I might add some trainer sprites, since you made me think of adding them. If I ever make a rom again, I might make this one of the elite four, with your permission of course.

Originally Posted by Snowdrop View Post
Well hey this is a good idea! I'll make mine all dual trainers. Hm... let's see...

Merriwether (female) - Grass/Ice - Jumpluff Whimsicott Abomasnow Vanilluxe Glalie Mamoswine

Oswald (male) - Poison/Water - Tentacruel Qwilfish Mantine Muk Politoed Basculin

Samba (female) - Music & Dance - Ludicolo Exploud Altaria Spinda Hitmonlee Chatot

Leroy (male) - Royalty - Slowking Nidoking Escavalier Arcanine Kingdra Vespiquen

Champion Persephone (female) Hydreigon Yanmega Dodrio Dusknoir Froslass Grumpig

:D I thought it had some nice variety xD
Thank you for liking my idea ^o^ anyways, these are very nice, I was thinking about doing some double teams but I was unsure and eventually decided not to. These are very well put together teams.

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