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To the Show!

Kiba smiled and nodded. The first time he'd ever hugged a person, though he may have forgotten to mention it; that, or he's just trying to not look completely hopeless around Julia. "Ride... Entei...? If you want... I'd be worried that he might burn down the show... But if we walk, we can make the conversation last... And hug more." Kiba seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the affectionate gesture, as he'd regained the strength to walk but continued to hold on. His colorful eyes gleamed out of sheer delight and as she'd hugged him back he went full-on bear hug, causing them both to stop in there tracks. By now, there was a permanent grin on his face. "And if we went to that show together... Does that mean it's a date?"


Spirit caused a berry to levitate right out of the bowl, and sent it right into her own mouth. Chewing a bit, she continued the conversation. Hm... You were wild at one point, right? It's kind of like that. We can do whatever we feel like, if we left, he'd be sad, but he wouldn't stop us. Even in battle, he gives us commands, not to be a battle trainer, but just... Hm... It's pretty hard to explain... We can fight on our own. We choose to listen to his advice when he gives it, because we've been saved by it a few times. Otherwise, we get to choose our own strategies and attacks, while he helps us use our strengths and protect our weaknesses.

She float-grabbed another berry to eat and kept speaking. But do we consider him a friend...? I guess so, yeah. Everything he's done has been to help us. We have all slept together before... Though we choose where we sleep, that's why Mello is glued to Aviath right now. Ki... Eh. He usually meditates in trees or whatever. I'm a ghost, so I have no use for sleep, but if there's nothing better to do I just rest anyways. Flare..... She trailed off with a sigh. I'd rather not go into that...

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