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    Originally Posted by Zagan View Post
    Ok, before i sign up, I would like to ask a question as I am not 100% sure I understand right,

    how do you 'steal' a pokemon? (I am assuming that you need the cheat device to steal another trainers pokemon)

    If you are given (stolen) a pokemon that is not of the types listed (exaple: one of the element monkies) you can use it until it faints?

    Why only those types listed?

    Ty in advance
    To steal a Pokemon you would need a cheating device such as Action Replay.

    That's up to the player; if you treat it as a stolen Pokemon, you can use it until it faints. If you don't, then you can't use it.

    Those are the types traditionally used by the teams; the more evil-seeming Pokemon, as it were, or at least the types commonly seen used by Team Rocket. Ground is included because Giovanni runs the ground-type gym in Viridian City.

    @ bwburke94: Wobbuffet, while not listed on the types, is associated with TR enough to allow it, but preferably if the player uses the name "Jessie."