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    Hello everyone, I am a newcomer and a newbe rom hacker. I will be very happy if anyone could help me with my trouble. My problem could be a hard one but, if anyone has done similar thing(s) before, please tell me how to do it.

    Basically, I am trying to hack the pokemon black2(or black, since the move information are basically the same) to make the move "Petal Dance" a non-continuous move(you can choose another move next turn).

    The move information for Petal Dance in pokemon black is stored in address 06FBB2F4 (Posted on a Japanese website). Similar to that in those GBA versions, the power, PP, accuracy, special effect code .etc come one after another. I tried to copy the exact same special effect of the move "confusion" to replace the special effect of the original "Petal Dance" but it did not work. Enemy pokemon got confused sometimes but unlike those GBA versions in which the original effect will disappear completely, the "2-3 turn continuous" effect of it was still there.

    There must be some other place that stores the special effect of "Petal Dance", "Outrage" and "Thrash", and there must be a place that stores the "move pointers" that specify the offset of the move information, special effects and their graphics.(As in those GBA versions)

    I have been searching the hex codes for several days and could not find any similar code as in those GBA versions. My brain is almost dead now.

    If anyone has experience of investigating moves or has experience of finding offsets or addresses in DS versions, please help me!
    If anyone knows the address which has the special effect of those 3 moves or the address of those orignal pointers, please tell me!

    This is a pretty long reply and thank you for reading it. I really need help.