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Originally Posted by Snowdrop View Post
Personally I like Arceus more for the "God" of all Pokemon, but not the ancestor.
The size and the stats makes Arceus perfect. Mew has the DNA of ALL Pokemon, well probably just Generation 1, if I remember correctly? Either way, I personally think they just messed up that bit with Mew.
Originally Posted by Olli97 View Post
Name: Olli97
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Who do you prefer as an ancestor/a god of all Pokemon: Mew vs Arceus?

Well I don't really prefer any of them, because they both have different concepts and different stories. Arceus is believed to have created Sinnoh along with the lake trio and Dialga, Palkia and Giratina as far as I know, so I only really see Arceus as a demigod. Its origin doesn't reach beyond Sinnoh, and though it may be the strongest Pokémon, I'd never consider it a god.

Mew on the other hand is believed to be the ancestor of all Pokémon, mainly because it's able to learn every single move, because it holds the DNA of every Pokémon there is. Remember, I'm only speaking out of memory. Mew was never believed to be God, as it didn't hold any godly powers, or had any backstory that ever came near that, though most of its race was extinct and therefore very rare, giving it such a reputation.

All in all, I don't really like the idea that there should be a Pokémon God, as it kinda diminishes the other legendaries, and since nothing could surpass a god, there wouldn't really be anything that could suprise us that much. So yeah, I believe Arceus is the creator of Sinnoh and Mew to be the ancestor of all Pokémon.
Welcome!! Very good explanation here. I hope in the future generations that somehow and in some ways, that all the Legendary Pokemon comes together in some sort of ritual event. I think that would be an interesting event to watch. Then again, there would have to be the strongest and perhaps maybe, the "God Pokemon" of 'em all if that was the case.
Originally Posted by krazzikk View Post
Why isn't Victini there?? D=
It's all 4th Generation past, so Generation 5 Pokemon weren't probably around for Victini to be drawn in

Originally Posted by Mentalii View Post
Who do you prefer as an ancestor/a god of all Pokemon: Mew vs Arceus?

Mew. I can't stand Arceus. Everything was fine in the Pokémon World, no need to have a god, then Arceus came, because Game Freak decided to add a religious side to Pokémon and also wanted to resolve many questions since a god is supposed to create everything and things like that. But seriously, who wants that as a god? I never liked this Pokémon.
While Mew is a really cute and intriguing Pokémon. I want to know more about it, it's mysterious. And its power are fascinating, how can it know every moves? Is it really the ancestor? Why? There are so many things to discover about it ! Contrary to the thing I mentioned above.
That's exactly my view on this. Great minds think alike. I never took an interest in Arceus, I mean yeah its all powerful and that, but its also a very boring Pokemon. I think Mew will forever be that mysterious Pokemon and more known as "That Pokemon who created Mewtwo." Mew is definitely topnotch one of the cutest Pokemon ever, and playful!

I know half of the world probably already have the game and already caught them, and the other half is waiting until October for B2/W2's release date. Time to spice things up with a NEW TOPIC!:

How do you feel about the new forms of Thundurus/Tornadus/Landorus/Keldeo & the fusion of both Black/White Kyurem?