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Easily a very underrated game and a really lengthy RPG for the DS. I'm sure that a lot of you have heard of Devil Survivor or the Persona Series, but have you heard of Strange Journey? What this game features is:

*An 80 hour plus adventure with a really epic story
Heck, I wasn't even done with all of the side quests by the time I hit 80 hours.

*3 Endings based on your Morality by the end of the game

*A Morality System based on choices you make in the story

*Recruit over 300 demons using demon negotiation

*Demon Fusion to create more powerful ones

*Classic RPG gameplay with an added flavor of Demon Co-op

*Animated and very detailed Demon Sprites


Emphasis on the epic music part, just listen to this!:

When I played this game, I found it pretty hard to believe that it was for the DS due to the awesome amount of content in it!

Another underrated game is:

Dementium 2 is a great Horror FPS for the DS. It runs at a smooth 60 FPS, and it has really great graphics!
It isn't as scary as Amnesia or other horror games, but I certainly had a scare while playing it! Give it a rent, since you'll probably finish it in 2 hours.

Another pretty underrated game is Madagascar for the Gamecube. It may be movie based, but I thought it was a marvelous platformer!

But that's for another time... anyways, I hope that you guys give these games a try, as I mentioned above, they are pretty underrated, and not exactly well known. Sorry for the flashy post...
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