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    Yeah, docowocool, you'll want to double-check your facts when reviewing. As Umbr30n pointed out, Groudon is a Ground-type only and Victini is Fire-Psychic.

    Anyhow, Daniel Evans, welcome to FF&W! I'm glad to see that you managed to start your fanfic, and I hope it continues to go well for you! Because I am drat interested with this fic. To find out how the main character fought in the wars, what happened between the opening scene and the hospital scene, and everything else.

    Only small piece of advice is on punctuating dialogue, especially with full stops and commas.

    “My ex-boyfriend’s nickname.” she replied, blushing.
    The full stop after "nickname" should be a comma, since you're describing how the sentence is spoken.

    “I take away your sword,” My blade, three feet of gilded silver, levitated towards him and he caught it in his hand, vaporizing it in the process.
    Here, though, the comma after "sword" should be a full stop since what follows after the dialogue is its own sentence.

    I hope that (brief) explanation helps a little!

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