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    Trainer Name: Hunter “Shaggy” Davis
    Trainer Type: Ace Trainer
    Trendy Title: Heroic Champion
    Gender: Male
    Age: 14
    Appearance: Five feet, five inches, skinny, about one hundred ten pounds. He has long, shaggy, dark green hair. He always wears blue jeans and plaid button up shirts unbuttoned with a white t-shirt underneath. He wears his lucky beanie, half grey, and half navy blue. He has glasses, all black frames with round lenses. He has deep hazel eye and a wispy beard. He always wears the same pair of tennis shoes that are pure white, with deep black shoe strings. He has a grey backpack with multiple pockets that he keeps random things in each pocket. His face is mature, and looks more like he’s fifteen. His voice is unnaturally deep, and can accidentally sound creepy.
    Home Region: Kanto
    Bio: Hunter has been an awkward kid as long as everyone could remember. He had an awkwardly deep voice. He grew up in Viridian City, and spent most of his time having adventures in the Viridian Forest, running from Beedrill swarms, and talking with the local bug catchers. He had only a few friends, but they were true friends, and he would fight to the death (metaphorically speaking of course) for them. They left for their journey when they were all ten, leaving Hunter behind. He started his Pokemon journey only just recently because of his parents over protectiveness. He was angry with them, but he loved them just the same. After four years of staying behind, his parents finally gave him their permission to start on his journey. He received a Pokedex, and picked a Charmander to start with on his journey. He traveled for months, and caught his second member of his team, a Psyduck after a difficult battle with his newly evolved Charmeleon. He headed to the island with hopes of winning, and proving himself to the world.
    Personality: He’s awkward, constantly says things that no one would dare to say, or points out the obvious, though most of it is on purpose. He would protect any of his friends to the death, and gets random bursts of strength when he’s protecting them. He’s always smiling, even when things are looking like the end. He’s light hearted and doesn’t care if people insult him. He merely comes up with a witty come back. He has a large amount of wit, but that is the main reason he only had a few friends.
    Key Item of Choice: Useless Tri Pass, Useless S.S. Ticket, Folding Bicycle from Cerulean, and a Good Rod.
    Aura Color: Forest Green with Golden outline
    Pokemon Team: Charmeleon: Inferno: Level 17: Ember, Metal Claw, Scratch, Iron Tail
    Inferno is a gift from Prof. Oak as well as a Pokedex. He's competitive, and lively, but also fearless, and caring for any other Pokemon that he's fought alongside.
    Psyduck: Mallard: Level 13: Water Gun, Confusion, Psychic, Disable
    Mallard is Hunter's second Pokemon. He was well earned, as Inferno had the type disadvantage. Mallard is silent, and tends to win battles by sitting back and watching the opponent's strategy, usually going second. He enjoys Inferno's company, and hardly leaves his side except for battles.

    Theme song: More Than a Feeling by Boston
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