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    Cool, first off, ty for the info;

    I never really considered Substitute as a protective thing, Electravire is mostly there to activate flash fire as my teams main tac is to power up Chand (1 calm mind + fire gem + flash fire activated) and then attack with heat wave - this on most occasions does at least 50% off full hp, and thats against water or other types fire is weak against (i spose i could get Whims for prankster/sunny day to make it even more powered).

    Noted, will change ASAP

    It would seem to be dark, when i used Pory-z before i used it mostly for smashing mons with a 160 base tri attack, but what you say makes more sence, tbf i tend to go with a monster i like the look of and try and pick out decent moves, or go to smogon for a build lol - i never seem to quite get the team work aspect of double and triple battles lol sometimes i get it right on the nose, this will be something ill have to check and experiment with :D

    Simipour is only there cause i like the look of him, if there is a better mon of any type, im happy to experiment, was thinking of Braivary/staraptor perhaps?

    With Durant, yeah - that i can agree with, i forgot there would still be an accuracy deficit from hustle even with the wide lens, only problem is his 4x fire weakness

    As for Scizor, I actually had your second suggested set up for him.

    I wouldnt mind trying to build a whole new team, apart from Chand and Electravire (they are like my two faves ever ) but as you can tell from my current line up - im not the best at team building, but your points I will indeed take into consideration, specially with conk and substitute, just a matter of tweaking things so that I can land a fire punch before sub :D
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