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Originally Posted by Zagan View Post
Sorry, I didnt make myself clear - Elec uses Fire Punch on Chand

I dont tend to follow the teirs much in my choices as said just ones i test and see how they work lol, my original team was:

Elec, chand and conk (as they were in my original post) then I had Excadrill Hippowdon (as suggested in the other CBC post in the other thread) and Nidoking so i had half a sandstorm team and half a heat wave team, and i chose heat wave as its one of those moves where if its in the middle, it takes out the whole team rather then attack one mon
Wait, this is a double battle team? You could've said that in the OP; I never knew that before. xP I was thinking that this was a single battle team. In that case, Protect is still fine on Chandelure, since you won't have much time to set up Calm Mind (or Substitute for that matter), since the double battling environment is fast-paced compared to single battling.