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    lets BEGIN

    In Saffron city three entries from kanto are lead onto a plane that had just arrived. They don't see the outside but the inside is a rather odd looking passenger area. There are only 12 seats in total which are paired into two rows on either side of the room. One of the back left seats is taken by a trainer from Sinnoh known as Seph Kane. Hunter “Shaggy” Davis and Steel Surge are seated in the back right seats (With Steel getting a window seat). And Adrastos "Adan" Sacramenti is given a seat infront of those two. A short time passes and the plane takes off.

    Meanwhile in Blackthorne city Nero Vulcan is waiting inside the Dragons Den for the plane to arrive when he spots a Man in his late twenties with messy burnt orange hair and a goatee Sleeping against the wall of the cave.

    PM me for info about this project.

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