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    Victoria continued to stumble, each step more tedious and harrowing than the last. Her vision continued to be poor, improving slowly, but still beyond atrocious. She noticed what seemed to be a wall of green. If she was to assume, it would be a forest or other form of homogenous plant life. The green wall began to blow in the faint coastal breeze. The swaying motion like the consistent breath of a slumbering green giant.

    At an instant, an apparition burst through the foliage onto the beach. Victoria panicked, unable to perceive it’s real form, numerous heinous ideas took root as to what the form could be. She quickly pulled off a Pokeball from her hip holster, lifted her sore arm, and with a monumental heave of exertion threw it in front of her. “Archie, help!” she shouted as the little Archen emerged from his Pokeball; alert if not extremely confused. “Chen?” He asked curiously of Victoria looking up at her from the sand. “I’ll explain later Archie. I promise.” she conveyed to the expectant little Pokemon.

    She stared at the apparition a little longer. The form didn’t seem overly large, in fact it seemed to be smaller than her. “W-w-what are you?!” She clamored in fear, her voice straining and chest clenching. “A-answer me!.....please.” her voice trailing off at the end choking back tears.

    ( OOC: So Abi, I assumed my stretch of beach with the others was the one you were talking about. If not, I'll just edit the post. The apparition is you. )
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