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Originally Posted by Raikun View Post
You didn't have to c: But thank yee. Saves travel time :D
Your welcome Air travel is safe kids :D

Anywho...its time for an...

Update #1 - !

- Named myself Micah, Rival named Issac
- Picked Squirtle, nicknamed him Leonardo
- Did the boring beginning game stuff (I actually went ALL the way back to Pallet Town and forgot to get the parcel) *facepalm*
- Nabbed a Pikachu after searching through the Weedles and Caterpies and named her Linda
- Ran through Viridian Forest and beat down Brock at Pewter City's Gym
- Swept Route 3 (and 4 I guess)
- Grabbed a Zubat at Mt. Moon
- Went through part of Mt. Moon
- Saved in Mt. Moon

NOTE TO SELF: Leonardo poisons easily >_<


No Item
Bashful Nature, Torrent Ability
Male, Level 15
-Tail Whip
-Water Gun

No Item
Naive Nature, Static Ability
Female, Level 14
-Quick Attack
-Tail Whip
-Thunder Wave

No Item
Impish Nature, Inner Focus Ability
Male, Level 11
-Leech Life


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