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i can understand everything you guys say but see the thing is
how come tobias and others can get legendary pokemon like dragonite , and latios and darkrai but ash cant

also how come ash does get any rare. i can understand why he doesn't have allot of pokemon. i cant realy understand why he doesn't have a legendary mainly because i know people say oh there are only one of each legendary but i doubt that. there is no proof that there is just one of each i mean lugia had a child so it stands to reason that there are more than one of each . so i cant really understand that but at the very least why cant he have a rare Pokemon.

also you say that he only catches so many so he can focus on the ones he has but he just abandons them all basically when he goes to the next area i dont get that..

as far as the leagues go i know you say its not that important but you would think after all his travels he would be able to atleast win one league and bet the elite four once and be a champion
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