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I prefer subs, mainly because over the years it's what I've gotten used to. Sure it was hard at first, trying to keep up reading what was going on and trying to watch what was on screen. But now days it's second nature, and like I said it's what I prefer. Do I wish I understood Japanese? Sure I do, as a lazy person it'd be even better for me. XD

That's not to say I don't mind some dubs. Like a few weeks ago I finished up Samurai Champloo, I could have gotten it subbed but I wanted to watch it dubbed. I have the Baka Test boxset and I've watched an ep or two dubbed (I want to get around to rewatching the series but this time the dub). I also have the FMA:Brotherhood boxsets and when I get around to watching them I'll be watching it dubbed. I'm going to give the Steins;Gate dub a shot, as well as the Evangelion movies. And I haven't watched Inuyasha The Final Act because I wanted to watch it dubbed.

I just like subs better because I don't have to wait forever for it to be dubbed (I hate spoilers). I tend to like the voices better. And like I said, it's second nature for me to read subs.

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