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    As he followed the coastline toward the voices an even louder commotion broke out. “Oh hell,” Devin muttered under his breath as he tried to speed up. As he did so he felt the pain in his side worsen and realized that on top of everything he’s acquired a limp. He heard an agitated voice but still couldn’t make out what was said; whether that was due to distance or an indication of hearing damage he didn’t know.

    “Hey! Is somebody out there!” he shouted. Unfortunately as he did so he realized that his voiced hadn’t survived this ordeal unscathed; as soon as he finished shouting his throat started hurting in such a way that he knew he wouldn’t be doing it again anytime soon. “Great,” he rasped to himself, then to his pokémon, “Guys, try to get their attention.” At his request Prowler and Frix started barking and roaring. He knew such a noise wouldn’t go unnoticed. Even as he ran he could feel something going wrong with his body. At first he couldn’t pinpoint it but everything seemed to be at a distance and even the sounds of his pokémon started to sound far away.

    Wait, why am I on the ground? It was then that he realized he was on the ground and rapidly losing consciousness. In his last few moments before slipping into the quiet darkness he had the time to noticed that his pokémon had stopped their noise making and Frix and Prowler were at his side, a small static charge flowing through him off of Frix.


    My ability to post might be a little inconsistent (and possibly nonexistent) over the next four weeks so I’ve left Devin unconscious for the time being. I’d like to continue with the RP but I’ll understand if he has to “disappear “ to make things easier for everyone.
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